Benefits of Using AngularJS for Web App Development

Benefits of Using AngularJS for Web App Development

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework that was developed by Google. AngularJS is able to build every interactive element we often see on a web page. The main goal of the framework is to aid in developing single-page apps. AngularJS is a framework that emphasizes quality code and testability, which is one of the reasons web developers favor it over other frameworks that are available. Some of the most well-known sites and apps that use AngularJS include Paypal, Udemy, Snapchat, and Gmail. Learn the advantages of angular js in web development with the help of  Angularjs Training in Chennai. Here’s a list eight advantages of angular js in Web Development: 

Easy to Learn:

The people who have a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript and CSS can quickly master the AngularJS programming language. The process of learning AngularJS will open more doors for developers working in the Web Development business. There are numerous free tutorials and AngularJS tutorials on the internet. Learn how to develop and test your website application using AngularJS with the online courses. Once you’re well-versed in AngularJS you will require less time needed to develop web applications.

It has a Two-Way Binding Feature:

AngularJS permits immediate time synchronization between the view as well as the model. If data is changed within the model it is reflected on the view. If there are changes made in the data in the view the model is updated in line with the changes.

By using this two-way binding is a great way for the application to reduce the complexity of its display layer. This allows for a simpler and less intrusive method of DOM display and the user interface.

Features Support SPA features:

The principal reason behind developing single-page apps is to speed up site’s transition. The website will work and look and feel as a native application. The website can communicate with the browser via constantly replacing the existing website with fresh Web server information in contrast to the standard method for loading entirely new pages. This is called a Single Page Application (SPA).

AngularJS allows the development of Single Page Applications. When a developer creates an application that is Single Page using AngularJS, the website loads fast, is compatible with all platforms, gives a fantastic customer experience and is simpler to maintain. To get a broad knowledge of the benefits of angularjs, fetch with Angularjs Online Course at FITA Academy.

Has a Declarative UI:

The AngularJS framework generates templates by using HTML. This is an declarative programming language that is widely used due to its flexibility and ease of use. Templates incorporate AngularJS specific elements and attributes like directives, filters such as an ng app, ng repeat, ng model forms, and more.

A user interface that is clearly defined helps make things easier to understand and simple to alter. The use of HTML lets designers and developers collaborate. Developers can make use of the declarative binding syntax to link the different UI components to data models, designers are able to concentrate on the creation of UI.

Supported by Google:

It is the AngularJS framework is used by Google to develop its own apps. Google’s highly skilled team of Engineers are constantly coming up with innovative improvements to the AngularJS framework. Many developers favor AngularJS. This language is gaining popularity because of Google’s support. Another AngularJS advantage is the huge community that other programmers have. It is easy to seek out other developers’ suggestions.


Here, we discussed the advantages and benefits of Angularjs in web development. We hope that this information would be beneficial for the web developers who work in angular. At last, if you desire to get deep understanding in the angular version, just connect with Angularjs Training in Coimbatore and acquire knowledge from industry experts.

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