Features of Java Programming Language

Features of Java Programming Language

Java Programming language is the most popular used programming language. Java is generally accepted for its performance, protection, and platform independence. Java Programming language is server-side and back-end development, desktop computing, android development, and digital computing. The other features of java can provide wide use and popularity. Here in this blog, we explain the top features of Java. Join JAVA Training in Chennai at FITA Academy, one of the best training institutions.

Features of Java

Inspired by C and C++

Java stimulated by C and C++. The language of Java is related to these languages, but the languages are quite complex. Java receives various features from C and C++.

Simple and Familiar

Java programming language is easy to detect, follow, learn, and communicate. Java programs are simple to design and execute related to different programming languages such as C and C++. If you are common with the essential principles of programming or the theory of OOP (object-oriented programming), it would be simple to learn Java. Learn Java Online Course at FITA Academy from your home desk with the help of Well-Experienced tutors. 

Why is Java simple?

  • Simple to learn
  • Clean code – simple to understand

Why is Java familiar?

  • It is related to C and C++ and combines various specialities of these programming languages.
  • The complicated and ambiguous ideas in C and C++, such as specific signals and area sources, are not covered in the Java programming language. 
  • Simple to acquire for programmers who know C or C++


Java is a completely object-oriented language, unlike C++, it is semi-object-oriented. It can support every oops concept like Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance.

Platform Independent

Java continues WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere), which means that programmers can improve relationships in one running system and operate on each other externally any change. Join Java Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy and learn more about Java Programming language with the help of experienced tutors. 

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