Types of Worms in Ethical Hacking

types of worms in ethical hacking

Worms are harmful computer programs that replicate themselves typically on the computer network. A criminal could use the worm for the following actions:

  • Install backdoors onto the victim’s computer. The backdoor that is created can become a fake computer that can be used to send spam emails, carry out attacks on distributed denial of services, etc. Backdoors could be exploited by other malware.
  • Worms could cause a slowdown to the internet, as they consume the bandwidth when they reproduce.
  • Install malicious payload code that is carried inside the worm.

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Different Types of Worms in Ethical hacking

Computer worms are classified according to the manner in which they’re distributed within the system. The following are some of them.

Email Worms

The email address is used as a client for the worm. It contains an infected attachment or link that, when opened, downloads a virus. The worm scans the email addresses of the affected system and then sends links to ensure that the systems are destroyed as well. The worms are double-extensions like video or mp4 extensions to ensure that the user thinks that they are media extensions. The worms don’t have a downloadable link, but rather the link is short and opens the identical. When the link is clicked, the worm downloads itself or erases the data or alters it, and destroys the network.

Internet Worms

Internet is utilized to look for other computers that are vulnerable and to attack the systems. Systems, where antivirus software is not present, are easily affected by the viruses. Once the computers are found, they’re infected, and the process restarted for the affected systems. This will be used to determine the most recent security and updates as well as measures if the system doesn’t have installed any. The worm can be spread via the internet or local networks.

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File-Sharing Network Worms

If a file downloaded from unidentified source downloads it could contain a worm that locates a shared folder and then destroys other files. If another system downloads the files within the network of the original, the virus is able to locate that system too and replicates. This process repeats for all systems within the network. The worms can be classified as extensions of other types and therefore users are able to download them thinking they are extensions of files. A worm called “Phatbot” was able to infect computers in 2004 by sharing files. The worm stole personal data like credit card information and has destroyed numerous systems on a massive magnitude.

Instant Message and Chat Room Worms

These worms function in the form of email worms, as chat room contacts are accessed and messages are sent to these contacts. If the recipient is invited to accept the message and accepts the link or message and opens the message, the system becomes affected. The worms contain links that open web pages or files for download. They aren’t as effective as other types of worms. The worms can be destroyed by changing their passwords and then deleting the messages.

IRC Worms

It was Internet Relay Chat was a messaging program that was a popular trend at the time. IRC worms functioned in the same manner of email is a way to send messages Instant Message worms do and completely destroyed the systems that were in the contacts lists in IRC applications.

If you suspect that your system is affected by a virus It is crucial to conduct a security check and find the worm. Only the most reliable antivirus software can assist you by identifying the same. The software must be regularly up-to-date to prevent security issues. Avoid links that are not well-known in all ways.


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